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How to Move Cross Country with Cats

Pulling off a cross-country move on its own is no easy task – and when you add pets into the mix, it only becomes more complicated. Moving with cats long-distance isn’t always easy, but it can be done with little stress caused to you and your pets if you have the right planning in place. Of course, as a pet owner, your top priority is always going to be keeping your pets safe, happy, and free from stress.

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your cross-country move puts your pets under as little stress as possible, from keeping comforting or familiar scents around them, making sure they’re comfortable in their carriers, and preparing their necessary items well ahead of time. With the right preparation on your side, you and your cats can have a smooth moving process!

Moving Cats Cross Country: How to Prepare

In order to keep yourself and your cats prepared for your long-distance move, there are certain things to prepare for so that they’re good to go and kept safe on your journey. So what should you make sure to take care of prior to moving cross-country with cats?

  • Make Sure Vaccinations are Current
    Before embarking on your long journey, schedule a vet visit to ensure their vaccinations are all up to date and that they’re ready for your trip. If you’re taking them on a plane with you, a lot of airlines will check to make sure their vaccines are up to date as well. Save you and your pet stress by making sure they’re fully prepared!


  • Microchip Them
    If your cat isn’t microchipped, keep them safe during your trip by getting them one. Though no one wants to think about their pet running away or getting lost during a trip, having them microchipped and registered under your name will ensure they’ll be returned to you in an emergency.


  • Have Comfortable Carriers for Long-Distance
    If you’re not sure if your cat’s carrier will be comfortable enough for them during a long trip, it’s best to switch them out for something you’re confident they’ll be happy in. Make sure to put blankets or some of your old clothes with your scent on them in their carrier as well – it will help to keep them calm and comforted during stressful travel times.Additionally, if you’re bringing your cat(s) on a flight with you, use a carrier that is in line with your airline’s regulations. Many airlines differ in their requirements, so you’ll want to research this ahead of time.


  • Prepare Essentials
    Losing track of items during the packing process is unfortunately pretty easy to do, but that’s why you prepare ahead of time! Prepare your cats’ essentials like their carrier, travel litter box, scoop, and portable bowls for food and water. Odds are, since they’ll be stressed, your cat may not want to use the bathroom while in the car or traveling, but will probably need their litter box if you’re staying somewhere overnight.


  • Create a Calm Environment
    It can be easy to get stressed out about moving, especially a long-distance move. However, this mindset and energy can easily influence or rub off on your cats, who notice and feel when they feel stressed or anxious. During the packing process, try to keep calm so that your animals feel the same.


  • Keep a Routine
    It can be easy to lose track of your normal routine while trying to gear up for a move, but keeping your cats on their normal schedule is integral to keeping them calm and happy. Make sure to keep your cat’s feeding times the same, and try to carve out time to play with and hang out with them so that they feel calm and secure.


Making sure that your cat is prepared for a long-distance journey will allow them to be calmer and comfort on your journey, and will save you the headaches of trying to prepare them and their items last minute.

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