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Refreshing to have a much better customer experience!

Thank you for doing so much to expedite this move. They didn’t notify us that they were coming yesterday, so that was exciting. But we were prepared and the loading went quickly and everything was delivered to MSU this morning. After having problems with another company that was was not working with us as promised, it was refreshing to have a much better customer experience. So thank you very much.



We want to say how much we appreciated the great service we recently received from you and your team.

We started by calling an old friend Ed, who recommended we call Carolyn. She was exceptionally pleasant and kept in touch frequently with us as we setup up the move. Many thanks for competitive pricing as we really wanted to work with your company. We have been moved numerous times by your group and have a great amount of trust for your services.We were tickled when we found out that a local team was bringing our belongings home. It simply added to a great experience.Special thanks to our movers Kiel Steger, Zack Zebarth, and Seth Winstron. (I hope they are spelled correctly) They picked up right on schedule, and their drop off/delivery timing was perfect. Our belongings were shipped and delivered without damage or problems. As a group the men were professional, and extremely polite. We enjoyed these young people quite a bit and I think they may have even taught us a few things about courtesy and good manners. Rarely have I heard young folks use Please and thank you so prolifically. My wife even got a hug from each of them when they left, and each of them would be welcome in our home anytime.

Jeff & Libby B.starsI was absolutely WOWed by Morse!

Mostly, it was due to my wonderful movers Bob Morse and T.J. I couldn’t have asked for two nicer or more professional movers. They were WONDERFUL and I can’t say enough about them. I would definitely recommend Morse to anyone else who is in need of a moving company!!Thanks for everything Bob!!!!!

Stacie and Ryan B.

starsThey guys were great!!!

This was my first experience with a moving company, so I had no idea what to expect. I anticipated the worst since the move was in different buildings, in snow, and everything wasn’t packed as well as hard to get to. Everything was done in a timely fashion. They were very professional and the job went smoothly and efficiently. I was very impressed with their knowledge, their demeanor, sense of humor and politeness. I would highly recommend Morse moving to anyone needing to move. They guys were great!!! Definitely a 5 out of 5. I look foward to meeting them at my new home. They deserve a raise and a bonus.

Sandra B.

starsThey took special care

I hired Morse to move my belongings this past Saturday and you did not dissapoint me at all. Jason Kay and John Paul Jones were thoroughly professional in every aspect. They took special care with every item and all arrived in good condition.I would not hesitate to work with these guys again. I give them both “5’s” all around. They represent Morse very well.

Steve M.

starsVery helpful and professional

I am writing to express my pleasure with my recent moving experience with your company. Scott Manges, Kristi Harmon, Bill Christian and his partner (name unknown) were all very helpful and professional. I would utilize your services again in the future and recommend your company to others.

Matthew C.

starsI googled Detroit movers and came across…

My husband and I had the pleasure of using Morse Moving when we moved out of state from Detroit. I worked with them throughout my interstate moving process and he was wonderful! When my husband was first offered his new position, we were concerned with whether or not we would be able to successfully coordinate the details of moving out of state.Morse Moving was fabulous from beginning to end! They helped us develop a timeline of interstate moving services that allowed us to send our interstate shipment (which included one of our vehicles) for a reasonable budget! I called many times with different questions, and was always given helpful advice and information. On our moving day, our things were packed by a really courteous group of interstate movers. We actually chose to have our things stored in Morse Moving private warehouse, which allowed us time to find a house.It was very convenient! I was also able to track the status of our shipment throughout our interstate moving journey, which was great as well! Our things arrived in perfect order and nothing was lost or damaged. Overall, working with Morse Moving was one of the best things I have ever done on Google.

Pat K.

starsExcellent Experience

We recently moved and chose Morse Moving after hearing great things and meeting a couple of their staff. I cannot say enough about the service that we received, the attention to detail and communication was fantastic before, during and after the move. The crew we had and the resources they brought were invaluable. They were respectful, professional, and very efficient. I would not use anyone else to move in the future and would recommend Morse to anyone looking to move locally or nationally. I so sincerely appreciate them making the moving experience a stress-free one


starsI would seriously recommend Morse Moving

I used Morse Moving to pack my 2 bedroom apartment in Detroit and move to Toronto Canada. These guys were great, they brought all of the materials, packed me up moved and unloaded me in 2 days! They handled all of the Paperwork for Customs and the move was smooth as could be. They gave me a flat rate which did not change at delivery as I have experienced twice before on my moves. They are professional, friendly, efficient and most of all HONEST!

Rutget, Detroit mover moving to Toronto

starsDetroit Movers – Morse Moving

Thank you Morse Moving for all of your help in coordinating my recent move from Detroit to Lombard. The entire staff at Morse Moving was courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly fair and honest about the cost of the move and time frame necessary for delivery. I have moved several times across the states, and after this experience, I would not consider going to anyone else for moving services. I would not consider going to anyone else for moving services!


starsConstantly moving

I have moved all over the world for my job over the past 15 years. I wish that I had known of this Company earlier. They are the best, professional, careful, REASONABLE, and fast. They take ALL of the stress out of moving.


starsI used Morse Moving Detroit for our move

When we were moving for the second time in 3 years we decided to use Morse moving services again because they moved us from Boston to Detroit 3 years ago and we were very happy with the move. We arranged our pick up with Morse and scheduled a pick up with a STRONG preference on the 23rd and he said it should not be a problem but they still needed the next day for a back-up, fine.

Frederick, a 2 time Detroit mover with Morse

starsA company you can count on!

Our company uses Morse Moving for all of our moving needs in the United States. This is a family business with sons, uncles, brothers and their families. It is truly a company where everyone considers it their business. I know I can trust any of them with our assets! They can help you design your new location and make your furniture fit in a way to make your life easier. Highly recommend this one!

Claudia S.

starsI Googled Indianapolis movers and found [Morse Moving]

We moved from Traverse City to Indianapolis, and we have been seeing their trucks everywhere lately. Knowing we were going to be moving soon, we asked our building’s management people about them and it turned out that they use Morse all the time and they had an office in Indy. Since we were moving to Indy it seemed like a good match. We logged on to their site and it was very informative, checked their reviews on line and their reputation seemed great, so we called, got an estimate.The move itself was just perfect. Nice, quiet, polite, hard working guys. They where even shy about asking for some water. Anyhow, our things arrived without the slightest of damage. Everything was put neatly into place and was arrive a day LESS then estimated, so we tipped the guys well. In general, a great experience with a great company.


starsFound these guys in the Google Maps listings

I had called Morse moving for a move for myself, when I called for information everyone that I spoke with at the Detroit office was very knoledgable in the moving business explained everything to me. On how the guys would come into my home and disassemble anything that I was unable to do, do to having surgery. The men that they sent were great, polite and courteous. My move was very smooth, and I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone. If I ever need to move again, I would recommend them.


starsI used Morse for my move from Indianapolis

I was moving after being in the same house for 48 years, John came and did an on site estimate. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. He walked around the house and gave us suggestions about packing

Alexander, Indianapolis mover

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