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Storage Solutions in Michigan


Do you need Michigan storage services? 

Morse Moving & Storage offers household and commercial storage solutions in four convenient locations through Michigan:

Morse offers an advanced warehousing service with room for over 10,000 large storage vaults. Each vault, with a capacity of 260 cubic feet, is kept in Morse Moving & Storage’s new facilities, offering the benefits of security, economy, and convenience.

Morse Vault Storage Near You

With Morse Moving & Storage’s Permanent Private Vault Storage, you can expect:

Guaranteed Security: Morse Moving & Storage’s permanent vault storage near you features:

  • Sophisticated fire sprinkling
  • Fire retardant systems
  • 100% monitored Predator burglar and fire alarm protection – with systems connected directly to central station

Economy: The secure storage and maintenance of the valuable property can be accommodated at Morse storage facilities for a fraction of the cost required to keep the same property on-site. 

Convenience: Clients can retrieve a single item (as small as a desk lamp) or many items (complete rooms of office furniture) with delivery guaranteed the very next day.

Records Accuracy: Morse’s warehousing is 100% computerized. Every item in every container is logged into the company’s proprietary computer system. Printouts of activity, showing which vaults were accessed when are available. Additionally, complete inventories can be provided monthly, detailing what is in storage and where it is located. 

Storage Distribution: Morse Moving & Storage can receive, break out, inventory, and deliver anywhere throughout the world while maintaining highly accurate inventories and receipts. 

For your FREE storage estimate, please feel free to fill out our quick quote form or contact one of our professional relocation consultants today. Our consultant will walk through over the phone with you and give you a detailed estimate regarding your Michigan storage requirements. We have storage solutions in Michigan to suit your needs!

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