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Why is Fall the Best Season to Move?

Why is Fall the Best Season to Move?

With fall in full swing and peak moving season over, you might be surprised to find that it’s actually the perfect time to move. If you’re in the market for a new home to buy or looking for a new rental, it can also be the perfect time for you to find a new place and enjoy the house-hunting process without the competition and stress that comes with looking for a new place in the summer or warmer months.

Even though fall is such an ideal time to look for a new place and start the moving process, it often gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things. So why is fall the best season to move, and how should you prepare for moving during fall? Keep reading for the best fall moving tips and to learn more about why it’s the perfect time for your relocation.

Fall Moving Advantages

There’s no question about it – fall is a great time of the year to move for residential and commercial relocations alike. The season comes with a bunch of advantages for a lot of reasons, including not having to deal with as much moving traffic, cooler temperatures that are more comfortable to move during, less housing competition, and less competition with other clients when booking movers.

On top of these reasons, you can also enjoy lower moving costs and lower housing prices due to the lack of competition. Most moving companies will offer you better rates during this time since they have lower client volumes and will give you more flexibility in your scheduling.

Though there are a ton of advantages to moving during the fall, you should still follow the necessary moving steps to keep yourself on track and prepared for your relocation.

Fall Moving Tips

So what’s the best way to ensure the success of your fall relocation? There are plenty of ways to prepare for your move to ensure its success. Let’s get into our best tips to get you squared away for your autumn move.

  • Book Movers Early

No matter which moving company you use for your relocation, as we mentioned prior, you’ll probably have more room to negotiate and will have more flexibility when booking your movers. However, that doesn’t mean you should hold off on booking your movers until the last minute.

Though fall is the best season to move, you should always book movers as early as possible no matter what season you’re moving during. Get your moving company booked as soon as you’ve locked in when you’re looking to move and to where so that you can have a set moving date and a schedule to adhere to.

When moving in the fall, you’ll also be able to get lower pricing or can negotiate your prices due to the lack of competition!

  • Declutter Your Home

Though you should always declutter your home before embarking on any move, it’s especially important to clear out seasonal items you might not have used before getting ready for your fall move.

From outdoor seasonal furniture to swimwear and pool toys, clear out things that won’t make it to next summer anyway or that just clutter up your home. There’s no use in moving things that you don’t use or want regardless of season, and clearing out will let you have an easier packing process and will let you save money on moving costs.

  • Pack Seasonal Items

For the seasonal items, you’re keeping, pack them away first to get them out of the way and ahead in your packing process. Nonessential and seasonal items should always be packed up first and will let you get a surprising amount done without even realizing it.

No matter what you’re packing away, however, don’t forget to pack essential items to keep with you during your relocation. Think about day-to-day clothing essentials to have while you wait for your items to arrive, important documents, expensive items, and toiletries that you’ll need during your relocation.

  • Set Up Utilities

You should always make sure that your utilities are set up and good to go before you arrive at your new home, but this is even more important during the chillier months. Fall weather can easily be very wet and cold, so you certainly don’t want to arrive at a house that’s cold and chilly.

Always call and arrange your utilities with your providers well ahead of time to avoid any mishaps and to make sure they’re good to go for your arrival.

  • Protect Flooring

Just as the fall season can get rainy and cold which calls for the need for getting your utilities sorted out well ahead of your arrival, you’ll also need to take some extra precautions to shield your flooring from any mud or debris that could be tracked in. To do this, put down plastic tarps or coverings in high-traffic areas during your move.

  • Clear Outdoor Areas

If you live in an area with a lot of trees, tripping or slipping on leaves or residential water from rain should be something you take into account and take steps to avoid. Take precautions by clearing out any outdoor pathways of leaves, puddles, and muddy spots to keep yourself and your movers alike safe while moving things into and out of your current and new homes.

With the right tips and preparations made before your move, you’ll be able to have the smoothest move possible and will be able to benefit from the best season to move: fall! To aid in your relocation process, ensure you have the right affordable movers on your side throughout the entire process. See what Morse Moving & Storage can do for you and your family today.

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