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Moving Before the End of 2021? All the Moving Trends to Note

Throughout 2021, we continued to see moving trends evolve and grow out of those that came out of 2020 and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the past year and a half, there have been innumerable changes to the way we both work and live, which have in turn impacted where we want to live. 


Since so many people have seen their work go remote, and were no longer tied to just one singular location, tons chose to relocate last year, and continued to do so throughout 2021. As we close in on the end of 2021, we look back to the moving trends of the year, and how different states were impacted by this. 


Moving Trends in 2021

Throughout this year, many people sought out areas with lower costs of living, lower housing costs, and with more indoor and outdoor space than they ever had prior. Why is this? It mostly comes down to the rise in remote working environments, which saw people suddenly freed from having to commute to a specific office, or having to work in a specific city or environment. Without having to have a central work environment, many took the opportunity to move into more affordable environments that offered more space for less money. 


Additionally, due to 2020’s huge amount of job loss, many people relocated to more inexpensive areas, or to places that allowed them the ability to pursue their true passions outside of their previous environment. 


Out of Space

More than ever, this year people were looking to find places that not only offered more space inside for less money, but also areas that were more spaced out and free from the crowdedness of the city. 


Because living in crowded cities easily raised the risk of contracting COVID-19, many people continued to move out of highly populated areas this year to instead live in more spacious or open areas. In 2021, people continued to seek out room for low-risk outdoor activities and the ability to enjoy themselves without worrying about being surrounded by a lot of people all of the time. 


2021’s Most Popular States to Move to

Over the past year, the states that saw the most individuals moving to them were:

  •  Idaho
  • Maine
  • New Mexico


These states, as coincidence would have it, are some of the least populated states in the United States. This reflects the overall moving trends of the year, which are all about looking for more space for less money. 


What Areas Did People Leave in 2021?

In 2021, the states that saw the most people leave them were:

  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • Washington D.C.


Just like with our states that saw the most population growth over 2021, these figures also reflect the year’s overall moving trends. With these states being some of the most populous in the country, it’s not surprising that people in search for more space and greater value would seek out other avenues. 


Why Did So Many People Move in 2021?

So why did people move in 2021 in the first place? As we said before, it’s all about getting value for their money, plus peace of mind. Since people are no longer tethered to their offices, they were provided with the opportunity to leave wherever and however they want. The result? Moving to a state they’ve always been intrigued by! 

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