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Morse’s Long Distance Moving Checklist

When you’re looking to make a big move out of state or across the country, it can be hard to know where to start in the planning process. Whether you’re looking to get a change of scenery, relocating for work, or looking for more value for your money in a home or apartment, there are plenty of reasons to move to another state. 


Plus, you might even be able to get to a better climate or an area more suited to your lifestyle! Tackling a long-distance move is a huge moment that requires the right long-distance moving company to make sure your transition is smooth and straightforward. The right long distance moving company for you? Morse Moving & Storage is the best professional long distance movers for the job. 


If you’re getting a little overwhelmed by the prospect of your upcoming out-of-state move, make sure you have a structured plan of attack for tackling your cross-country endeavor. So where do you start so you’re set up for long-distance moving success? We’ve got everything you need to prepare properly with our out-of-state moving checklist before you make your journey. 


How to Move Out of State Successfully

Prior to tackling your out-of-state move, you should definitely do your research on where you’re headed, or what town you’re headed to already. If you’re moving for personal reasons, do what you can to understand and get a feel for the neighborhood you’re looking at. If you’re moving for work, see if you can get acquainted with the neighborhood before you make your move. 


If you’re in an ideal setup, you’ve probably already been able to visit the new town or city you’re going to move to, and might’ve even been able to explore it. However, if you haven’t been able to visit your new home beforehand, try to research as much as possible so you can learn whether or not a neighborhood will work for you, your lifestyle, your commute, and what you like to do for fun or in your free time. If you have kids or pets, this can be an even bigger consideration. 


Research the Cost of Living

If you’re making a huge move like this, you need to look ahead to figure out how the cost of moving will impact you, as well as the difference in the cost of living from your old neighborhood to your new one. From everyday expenses like gas, groceries, utilities, or healthcare, to larger ones like the difference in tax rates in the differing states, these costs can make a big difference in your quality of life and what you can afford.  


After all, these expenses can bring in a lot of bills or charges that you might not see coming (on top of your existing cost of moving!). These expenses can really cut into your budget. Know what you’re in for so you can properly assess and budget for your new environment. 


Book Your Moving & Storage Company

Making sure your moving and storage company is booked and ready to go ahead of time is a huge thing to get out of the way first – especially if you’re going to be moving during peak months. Leaving at least a month, and ideally 2 or 3 months to spare when booking your movers will let you lock in your moving date effectively work things around your schedule and moving timeline.


Looking for the right long-distance movers to properly handle your out-of-state moving needs? Check out Morse Moving & Storage’s personalized moving services to find the right out-of-state moving plan for you.

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Moving? Call Morse Today!
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