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How to Prepare for a Move

If you’re gearing up for an upcoming move, it can be easy to lose track of what you’ve done already, and what you need to do to make your move a success. How to best prepare for a move will come down to timing and your amount of personal belongings.


When moving house, you can easily lose track of what you need to do, and what has already been taken care of. Especially when you’re not an experienced mover, it can seem like everything gets jumbled up and can evolve into this endless stack of things that need to be done in order to have a successful moving experience. 


So how do you put the work in to proactively get things out of the way? And what’s the best way to work efficiently so you don’t have a lot left to do right before moving day? We’ve got all of your answers through our ultimate moving checklist.  


What to Do Before Moving

Whether you’re looking for moving things to do in accordance with local moving or long-distance moving, there are some hallmark things you’ll need to get done before moving day so your transition can go as smoothly as possible. 

  • Book the Right Movers

Before you handle anything else after finding the right home and apartment for your family, you need to find the best professional moving company for your needs. There are unprofessional or overpriced movers that don’t have your best interests at heart, so you’ll need to thoroughly do your research to make sure you’re working with a reputable company. 


The best way to make sure you’re working with moving specialists that have your best interests at heart is by using Morse Moving & Storage for your next relocation. We have all of the best full-service moving options to not only get your items where they need to go quickly and efficiently, but also to provide you with the most customized, affordable moving services in the area. Plus, when you work with Morse, you’ll have access to our expert staff of friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives that will be with you every step of the way during your relocation. 

  • Start Packing as Soon as Possible

There’s no way around it – the earlier you start packing, the better of you’ll be. Gather your packing materials, and start with decor items or nonessentials that you won’t make use of in between now and your move. Take things room by room, and organize like with like to keep things organized and make them easier to unpack later. Additionally, always make sure to label your boxes so you can keep track of what you’ve done and what needs to be done. 


A big part of packing also has to do with the decluttering process you take part in before any actual packing gets done. Make sure to go through your things and get rid of anything that doesn’t get used or serve you anymore so you can have a lighter load, and just less things to take care of. 

  • Make a Moving Inventory

Having a detailed list of everything you’ve packed, as well as what has been packed where, is a great way to keep track of your things and hold yourself accountable. This is also a great way to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and that you’re on the right track in your moving and packing timeline. Labeling your boxes and taking things a room at a time is a great help in this, and can keep you on track. 


Having a moving inventory can also help you to create an outline that will let you keep track of your things and of your overall packing and moving timeline as a whole. 

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Moving? Call Morse Today!
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