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How to Pack Without Bubble Wrap

If you’re choosing to pack your own items prior to using a professional moving company, it can be a little mind boggling to see packing material prices once they add up. Though it’s pretty imperative to use bubble wrap to keep certain types of items safe, the cost of getting enough of this material for your entire move would be astronomical – and probably not something you’ve exactly budgeted for. Knowing how to pack properly is key to a successful move.

Bubble wrap is definitely worth getting to keep especially delicate items safe, but should be rationed or only used for certain things to keep prices down while still avoiding breakage. Additionally, you might want to avoid loading up on bubble wrap just for the sake of the environment – a lot of bubble wraps aren’t recyclable, and not too environmentally friendly. However, there are some that are, so keep an eye out for that especially to keep your environmental impact down. Here is how to pack with materials other than bubble wrap.

How to Pack with Bubble Wrap Alternatives

So what do you do instead of using bubble wrap to keep your items safe during a relocation? There are actually a ton of options out there, but let’s focus first on what to use your bubble wrap for. This way, you’ll be able to make use of whatever wrap you do have, prioritize, and save money. 

Particularly for fragile kitchen items like glasses, mugs, plates, and similar things you’d want to wrap up a little extra tight, bubble wrap is still a great move to keep them safe. Additionally, other fragile items like mirrors, art pieces, or furniture that maybe needs some added protection are all good candidates for bubble wrap – but not too much!

For other items, there are plenty of other great materials to use instead of bubble wrap.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is probably the most similar option to bubble wrap in terms of versatility, weight, and general usefulness. It’s also better for the environment and a lot less costly. Packing paper also provides a similar amount of cushioning and security as bubble wrap. It’s very safe and secure, and is just as easily molded to the shape of various types of items. Plus, its lightweight nature makes it great for keeping your things safe without weighing you or them down. On top of this, packing paper is also great for keeping your things safe from dust and moisture. 


The household blankets you already have laying around in your living room or bedroom can make great cushions or packing materials for your items during your relocation. Because of their size, blankets are also great objects for protecting larger pieces of furniture or equipment (especially things that maybe cannot fit in boxes). Blankets also make great space fillers in your moving truck itself to make sure things don’t crash into one another! Make sure to let your movers know you have some extras if you’re not utilizing professional packing services in accordance with your move. 


A little smaller than blankets but still great options for cushioning and protecting your items are your existing towels. This will also save you a lot of room when packing up your bathroom. Don’t take up box space with your towels – put them to use instead!

Whether you’re packing yourself or looking for full service movers who will take care of this hassle for you, look no further than Morse Moving & Storage. With amazing service and great prices, we’re your one stop shop for all things relocation!


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