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Who to Notify When You Move?

Who to Notify When You Move?

If you’re gearing up for a move sometime soon, it means you’re probably focusing on actually pulling off the packing and moving process successfully, and less on the things to update when you move. Though it might seem like something to worry about a little while in the future, there’s no better time than the present to get ahead of your change of address when moving – especially because there might be more to update than you even realize upon first consideration.

Though notifying people and companies of your move might not initially seem like a big deal, especially in the world of automatic online billing (or online bill pay in general), notifying the companies, banks, and others of your change of address is important to even make sure that these bills are paid on time, and that your information is current in case of contact.

If you’re not sure where to start to make sure that you’re notifying the right parties, we’ve got you covered with a complete change of address checklist to ensure that you’re apprised of not only who to notify about a change of address, but when you should start squaring this all away.

Residential Moving Change of Address Checklist

Below are some of the most important agencies, companies, or service providers to notify about your change of address. We’ll follow up this list with the reasons you’ll want to make sure your information is current with these agencies, and when you should contact them to update your information and details.

The top-priority people to notify about a change of address are:

    • Your Employer

Notifying your employer as to your change of address is important to make sure that you’re receiving the right tax forms and that your employer can send you to pay stubs (if you receive them) or other correspondence. It’s also valuable for those working remotely to make sure their taxes are deducted correctly.

    • USPS

USPS can take up to 10 days to process your official change of address, so this is one you’ll want to get out of the way ahead of time. You can easily schedule when you’d like your mail forwarding from your old place to begin, so don’t feel like you have to wait until it’s close to moving day to update your information.

    • Banks

Even if you receive online statements, updating your billing address with your bank allows them to send you any necessary correspondence by mail if you need it.

    • Credit cards

This one is largely the same as updating your address with your bank. Even if you receive online statements, having your current address updated ensures that you’re getting all of the information from your company that you might need.

    • Loan Providers

Unfortunately, student loans can’t be left at your old address (though we wish they could!). Update the loan providers of your new mailing address even if you have online billing or statements set up, just to make sure your information is current should they need to talk to you.

    • Tax Agencies

You should always notify the IRS and any applicable tax agencies as to your change of address to make sure you receive the right correspondence from them, and so that their taxes for you are correct.

    • Gas/Electric/Water/other utilities

Switching over utilities before your move saves you from walking into a new home with no power or working utilities. Always either schedule the transfer of utilities to your new place well in advance or schedule utilities to be turned on before you move into your new place.

    • Phone & Internet providers

Updating your phone and home internet ensures that your service is provided to you correctly and that your devices operate as they should. It also ensures that your billing continues to run smoothly.

    • Insurance providers

From homeowners and rental insurance providers to health or car insurance providers, giving these companies your current information will keep you in accordance with their policies and will give you the most accurate coverage. Keep in mind, however, that your home/rental/car insurance rates might change depending on the area you’re moving to.

    • Department of motor vehicles

This is especially important for those moving states, but having your current address on your license and car registration will keep you safe and squared away in case of having to provide identification for something. For those moving states, updating this info is what will begin the process of getting a new ID and settling in as a resident.

    • Subscription services

Updating your address with monthly or weekly subscription services prevents you from accidentally having these things shipped to the wrong place. With so many people using subscription-based services, or even weekly grocery services, having a current address makes a big difference in ensuring your items are sent to the right place.

    • Online shopping sites

This of course is more of a convenience thing than a necessity, but updating your shipping and billing address in your favorite or most-used shopping sites will make your checkout process a lot easier and will save you from accidentally shipping something to your old home.

    • Clubs and organizations

If you’re a member of a club, advocacy, or charity organization, updating your address in their database just lets them have your most recent information and send you membership materials or thank-you’s when need be.

Of course, beyond this list, it should go without saying to notify family and friends of your new address just in case they want to send you something or just to let them know for visits.

Whether apartment moving or moving into your first purchased home, ensuring that your information is updated will allow you to have smooth sailing as far as not just contact from important agencies, but in making sure your subscription services or deliveries are headed to the right address.

Now that you know who to contact in the event of your change of address, it’s time to look ahead to your move itself! Whether moving locally or long-distance, look for Morse Moving & Storage company near you for the best service and pricing possible for your move. Contact us today to get a free quote or to learn more about our services and experience in the field.

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