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Out of State Moving Hacks

Out of State Moving Hacks

If you’re eyeing the prospect of an out of state move, it’s imperative that you understand the planning and organization that needs to go into all aspects of your process. Just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, your out of state move can’t be planned and pulled off in a day. An interstate move is a little more complicated than a local move or moving nearby, but as long as you plan well and space things out in a way that’s handleable for you and your household, you’ll be in a good spot for moving day.

Out of State Moving Tips

If you’ve hired professional movers, rented a self-moving truck, or are just taking whatever you can fit in your car with me, the most important aspect of the out of state planning process is to keep everything organized, grouped, and labeled as it should be. In your past moving experiences, you may have gotten a taste of this, but it’s even more important when moving long distances. If you’re looking for all the moving hacks to stay organized and set up for success, keep reading.

  1. Pick a Mover Familiar with Long Distance Moving

Make sure to choose movers that are familiar and experienced with moves that are out of state or long distance. Don’t overpay, avoid scams, and make sure you have open communication with your movers. 

  1. Organize a Budget

In order to make sure you don’t wind up overpaying or spending too much during the process, set a moving budget and stick to it. 

  1. Take an Inventory

Now that you have a budget set up, start looking at your home and what’s in it. Take stock of your items, the condition of everything, and what you might not want to take with you. 

  1. Begin to Declutter

After taking an inventory, clear out any unused, unwanted, or unneeded items. Donate, sell, or give away your items to make packing and movers both easier and cheaper. 

  1. Get Organized

After the decluttering process has finished, start organizing your remaining items and keep everything sectioned off with similar items to streamline the packing process. 

  1. Start the Packing Process

Visit your moving company, rental truck company, or ask around for boxes or other moving materials that you can reuse from local businesses or friends. 

  1. Take Packing Room by Room

Start with decorative or nonessential items and work your way through packing by taking it room by room. 

  1. Keep Your Addresses Current

Make sure to update your addresses or billing information with the post office, credit card companies, and banks. 

  1. Transfer All Utility Information

Don’t forget to move the utility bills of your new address into your name, and take anything at your old address out of your name. 

  1. Get Ready for Moving Day

Now that the hard part is out of the way, get yourself prepared! Get any items you’re keeping with you prepared and get ready for moving day!

Whether you’re moving to a nearby state or across the United States, out of state move of any kind isn’t as simple as the local moves you might be used to. The best thing you can do is practice organization and start the planning process early so you have time to get everything done in a relaxed manner. If you’ve got those aspects down, you’re setting yourself up for a successful and streamlined long distance move.

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