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Most Affordable Cities to Move to This Year

The cost of living is becoming a larger and larger issue in recent years, as the discrepancy between housing costs and day-to-day expenses continues to rise much faster than many people’s salaries. This difference in income and cost of living, especially in many major cities, has led many people to look into relocating to find better housing situations that are more suited to their income levels. 


Outside of federal minimum wage requirements, a lot of cities have set their own minimum income requirements to try and offset the cost of living in many of their areas and raise salaries across the board, with varying degrees of success. For those who haven’t seen their income rise enough to match the cost of living in their areas, and who are looking for alternatives or more affordable cities to move to as a result, we’ve compiled the 2022 average rent and home purchasing prices in major cities across the United States to determine which are the most affordable cities to live in the country. 


Which Cities in the US are Affordable? 

For those living in the suburbs and other major cities alike, the cost of living in comparison to the value you’re getting for your money can make it not worth it to continue living in your current area. Especially if you’re one of the many remote workers across the country, it can become very worth it to look into heading to places more attuned to your price ranges for housing and day-to-day expenses. So what are the most affordable cities in the country to live in? 


Cleveland, OH

Though Cleveland, and Ohio in general, is often overlooked when it comes to cities that can offer residents good places to live for affordable or reasonable rent prices, this area can be just what you’re looking for. 


This lively little city’s average one-bedroom apartment price comes in at an estimated $600/month in 2022. Rent prices like these catapult Cleveland to the top spot in terms of affordability. The city also offers lower costs of living in comparison to many other cities in the country. A new hotspot for remote workers and tech entrepreneurs, Cleveland might just be the new start you’re looking for. 


Detroit, MI

Though many might shy away from Detroit due to its less-than-stellar reputation, the city is actually undergoing a massive revitalization project which has seen it flourish and enjoy a remarkable amount of development and growth in a short period of time. However, despite its growth and development, rent prices have remained low, which makes it friendly for those looking to make a move. 


A one-bedroom apartment in Detroit will cost a little above Cleveland, coming in at $650-$700 a month. This price is still very reasonable, especially given the rent prices of not only cities across the country but rural areas as well!


St. Louis, MI

Coming at #3 on our list of most affordable cities in the United States is St. Louis, Missouri. This beautiful city is located in the heart of the midwest and offers a city lifestyle without the cost of many Metropolitan areas like it. The average rent price of a one-bedroom apartment in St. Louis will run you around $842 per month. Though higher than Cleveland and Detroit, this city remains incredibly affordable. St. Louis is also a bustling area with plenty to do and see. 


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