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Morse Moving & Storage Participates in National Realtor Volunteer Days

Morse Moving & Storage participated in the kickoff of National REALTOR’s Volunteer Days recently. In conjunction with members of the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors, Morse aided in volunteering with Garden of Grace, which is a brand of the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

Morse is honored to be a part of such an important volunteer event, which also continues our commitment to helping our Lansing community.

We work to not only provide our customers and clients with the best possible moving experiences but also seek to give back to the members of our community in any way we can. It’s important to us to go above and beyond not only during the moving process but also in trying to help Lansing and those in its surrounding areas who are in need.

What are National REALTOR’s Volunteer Days?

As we said before, Morse participated in our volunteer efforts in conjunction with the Greater Lansing Association of Realtors and National REALTOR’s Volunteer Days.

The National REALTOR’s Volunteer Days were created as a collective effort for realtors around the country to come together and give back to those in need in their respective communities. With a participation rate of 66% each month, the association encourages realtors and realty agencies to pick a day to choose a cause and set aside a day for different associations, brokerages, or organizations to serve their communities and participate in a day of service.

The Greater Lansing Realtor Association chose to participate and volunteer with Garden of Grace, which is operated by South Lansing Ministries and is a part of the Greater Lansing Food Bank.

What is the Greater Lansing Food Bank?

As we stated prior, Morse Moving & Storage participated in volunteering with Garden of Grace, which is part of the Greater Lansing Food Bank. But who is Garden of Grace and the Greater Lansing Food Bank, and what do they do for the community of Lansing?

As a singular entity, Garden of Grace operates as a branch of this local food bank to serve 300 people per month. Ran by the South Lansing Ministries, this bank uses both donations and fresh produce grown from their local garden to help alleviate Greater Lansing community members of food insecurities.

As a collective, the Greater Lansing Food Bank is committed to providing access to nutritious food to the community. They source their food from retailers, the USDA, food drive donations, and more to feed those in need. This foodbank provides emergency food to families, retirees, veterans, and whoever needs it in Greater Lansing. Thanks to community support, they’re able to help people not only be safe from food insecurity but perform better in their daily lives thanks to consistent nutrition and access to good food.

Looking for ways to help the Greater Lansing Food Bank? Support this cause by donating canned or boxed goods, sending financial donations, or by holding a food drive that benefits the food bank. Learn more about providing help here.

How Morse Gives Back

Morse remains committed to our community and to helping those around us remain safe from the risk of hunger or food insecurity. Our Lansing community and the welfare of those around us are as much of a priority for us as providing the best moving services to our customers, and we remain committed to both prospects in everything we do. Learn more about our company and our values today.

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