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How to Plan a Corporate Move in 2022

How to Plan a Corporate Move in 2022

Following the 2021 moving boom, 2022 has been another huge year for residential and corporate moves alike. Though a lot of corporations and small businesses alike are headed to areas like areas in Arizona, Texas, or Florida, many businesses are relocating to places all over the country from their original locations this year.

When planning a corporate move, you should always consider how to make your move as efficient as possible, how to keep employee productivity at high levels during your relocation, and how to bring the most benefits for your business in your new location. With our corporation tips for the best successful relocations possible, you’ll be able to bring your business to an area that will benefit it smoothly and simply.

Why Move in 2022?

There’s no doubt about it – a lot of small businesses and corporations alike have made big moves in 2022, and are only continuing to do so as we get farther into the latter half of the year. The cities with the most outbound moves so far have been Chicago, Portland, and Seattle – but why are businesses moving in the first place? From reasons surrounding business or tax benefits to overall employee happiness and quality of life, there are plenty of reasons to relocate your operation this year.

If you’re wondering why businesses are moving to places like Texas, Florida, Arizona, or even areas in California, the answer lies in a combination of factors. At the end of the day, some states or cities are set up to be more business or corporation-friendly than others in terms of laws, taxes, and culture. These sorts of laws and tax breaks allow businesses to slash overhead costs and reduce overall costs of operation.

A lot of these places also have favorable weather and climates, plus lower costs of living that serve as an incentive for employees to relocate to these companies, or for people to apply there. This benefits businesses and employees alike, so many are moving in this interest.

When is the Best Time of Year for Corporate Moving?

Ideally, when moving your business, you should always try to move off-season. This includes early spring and early-late fall. These times of year are not only the most ideal temperature-wise for relocating (anybody looking to avoid mid-July heat?) but are also the best time to get the best prices on movers, and the best time of year for your employees to look for new places if they’ll be relocating with your company.

When coordinating a corporate move, there are certain things you’ll need to take into account to make sure that this move is as efficient as possible. Try to schedule your move for days other than Fridays or weekends – ideally Monday-Thursday. Since the weekends are the busiest time (regardless of season) for moving companies and usually just for traffic in general. Moving on a weekday will save your movers from at-times challenging parking and traffic situations, and will save you from having to coordinate a move on a very in-demand day.

How to Plan a Corporate Move

Regardless of when your business move is, you should always take care to plan and begin your process as early as possible – really whenever you initially decide to move. Giving yourself as much time to plan as possible before a huge move like this will allow you to have plenty of time to book your movers, coordinate possible employee relocation, and ensure that your business is properly prepared for a move and everything involved in the process.

Beginning from deciding on where you want your business to move to, to when you’ll ideally want to make your transition, and finally locking in your moving date, having the right planning process in place will make your entire move that much easier to schedule and coordinate.

  • How to Create a Budget for a Corporate Move

Just as is the case with residential moves, having a proper budget in place going into your moving process will ensure that your business is properly prepared to take on the expenses involved in your move. This will also help narrow down which movers and specialty services you can afford, and how you’ll be relocating your employees.

Always keep your expectations realistic for your moving expenses and for the value you’ll receive. Having a budget ready to go will also help you determine what specialty services you’ll be ready to provide for, and which you can go without. Finally, always put an extra buffer in your budget for unexpected or unforeseen costs or expenses related to moving.

  • How to Create a Corporate Moving Timeline

First thing’s first – before you try to plan an entire corporate move yourself, you should hire a project manager to either plan your business’ move for you, or to help out with the process. Having a project manager on your side for your relocation will let you properly figure out not only your budget but can help you find movers and determine what should be packed and when.

Project managers will also overall just keep you organized during your moving process. If you try to pull off and coordinate your business’ entire move yourself, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or turned around throughout the process while you try to do too many things at once. Having someone whose job is to manage your move and make your budget will ensure that you’ll have the smoothest process possible.

  • Declutter Your Existing Office

When making a moving timeline and schedule, always take into account how much you’re moving, what your current space is like, and what your new space will be like.

If you’re moving offices or retail business spaces alike, this sort of move can mean an expansion or possible downsizing (especially if many of your employees are permanently remote). Keep this in mind when determining what to bring with you to your new space, and what to put in storage or get rid of. Your new office or space’s layout can also impact what you bring or leave behind, since certain things may not work with the new place.

When planning an office or business move, the most important thing to do is to start early and to always keep your staff in the loop when it comes to any changes or just about the movement’s progress. After all, this is their move too! Keep communication open and clear, and make sure your process is as organized and as straightforward as possible. This will make sure you have the best move possible and can enjoy setting up your new space!

When it comes to corporate moves, see what Morse Moving & Storage can do for you and your business today. Our corporate moving packages bring you the best pricing, value, and overall quality of service.

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