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How to Get Your Kids Ready for a Long Distance Move

While any long-distance move can be a bit of a challenge to coordinate, it can only get more so when you factor in both telling your children about your move, and then trying to work with and around them to figure out how best to embark upon it. 


So what do you need to conduct a successful long distance move, while keeping your kids comfortable and happy after breaking the news to them? Morse has everything you need to know to figure out what the best way is to both break the news to your kids, as well as how to conduct the moving process with them as well. 

Moving With Children


Everything can seem like the end of the world or really overwhelming for kids, and no matter where you’re headed, odds are they’re going to be at least a little upset. After all, their social lives, activities, school life, and home life are being uprooted (and maybe for the first time). 


As a parent, all you can really hope to do is support them in this process, and let them know that you’re there for them and ready to hear them out about the entire move itself. Establish open communication and try to make them feel as at ease as possible. 


How to Tell Your Children About Your Move

Whether your children are younger or older, there’s no one right way to break the news of a big move to them. You’ll be met with shock, and maybe even negative emotions like them being upset or angry about the relocation. 


The best thing you can do is anticipate their needs, and not put off telling them at all. Give them as much notice as possible so they can emotionally and physically prepare for this transition and huge journey. 


Try to sit them down and break the news. Then open the floor for comments, concerns, and really open up a dialogue and hear them out, or let them get out whatever feelings they could be having about the situation. From there, have them write down anything else to help sort through it, and maybe even show them what you know already about where you’re headed, and make sure they really know your reasoning for uprooting them. 


Preparing For The Move

Once your kids have been notified about the move taking place, try to get them excited about it, or at least ready for the move. Packing can be a hugely stressful process and can be really emotionally overwhelming (especially for little kids). A lot of children see their room as their safe space, and packing it up can be really distressing. 


Try to support them, and offer your help in packing or sorting through their things to see what they want to bring with them, or what they might want to leave behind. Keep them organized and on track, and make sure they know that you’re there for them every step of the way. 


Now that you’re packed up and ready to go, and your moving company has already packed away all of your things, it’s time to set off on your own journey! On the drive to your new home, make sure to take frequent breaks and have a bunch of snacks and refreshments to keep your kids happy on the way there. After that, it’s all about settling in and getting used to your new home. Good luck!

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