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How to Donate Your Things Before Moving

How to Donate Your Things Before Moving

One of the biggest opportunities you have when taking on a move is having the ability to declutter and reorganize your things, and having the opportunity to completely reinvent your space if you want to. You can choose a new style or design to incorporate into your new space, and utilize both existing and new items to create a unique space that gives you a fresh new take on your decor.

On top of reinventing your spaces, moving also often requires you to reevaluate what you have, and whether or not it will all work with your space, both layout, and style-wise. After all, you would be surprised at how many bulky furniture or decor items just don’t translate to your new home or apartment – even if they worked so well in your previous one. If it might just be time for a refresh or a furniture switch-out, you might be wondering how to declutter your home of these items without being wasteful or just throwing out perfectly good items.

If you’re looking to find a donation center or cause that your unneeded or unused furniture or clothing items can go to, we’ve got some great suggestions for how to get rid of everything from heavy or awkward furniture to clothing. Donating helps both you and the places you’re giving your items to, so why not let your move be a win-win? Donate your items to help a good cause and to give yourself the opportunity to reimagine and rework your space.

Why Donate Clothes Before a Move?

When taking on the packing process, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your move as a whole is to go through all of your clothing items and declutter the things you don’t need, want, or use anymore. This doesn’t have to just be clothing either – this notion applies to furniture, appliances, decor – everything!

When starting the decluttering process, it’s usually easiest to begin with clothing, since it’s easy to go through and often even easier to eliminate items. It’s usually pretty easy to determine whether or not you actually wear certain clothing items, and even if you still like them, it might just be time to let them be worn by someone else if they’re just hanging in your closet unused year after year.

Decluttering the clothes you don’t wear or want anymore will make packing infinitely easier, and will let you dedicate room in your closet to items you do actually use! It will also let others benefit and reimagine the items that don’t work for you, or that don’t get any use in your current place.

If you’re looking for some good charities to donate your clothing to, there are certainly plenty out there to choose from. Below are some of our particular picks to let your clothes go the extra mile for those who need them:

    • Women in Distress

Women in Distress benefits women’s shelters and those looking for assistance following escaping domestic violence or abusive situations. 100% of Women in Distress’ proceeds go toward emergency shelter efforts, therapy services, and other beneficial programs.

    • AMVETS

AMVETS supports millions of veterans across the country through the proceeds of furniture and clothing donations. They also accept electronics and other items to support their services. This organization helps veterans get their government benefits and runs advocacy and leadership programs to help disadvantaged veterans.

    • Vietnam Veterans of America

This organization benefits Vietnam War veterans who suffer from substance abuse, homelessness, and incarceration. Proceeds from clothing, furniture, electronics, and other donations go directly toward helping veterans and advocacy efforts.

How to Donate Furniture Before Moving

In the same vein as donating clothing, you should always try to donate unused or unwanted furniture to organizations where they can be used to help others, instead of just going in the trash. A big factor in why people don’t donate furniture, however, is a lack of transportation to get these large items to a donation center. The following charities offer free furniture pickup and transportation services so you can let your gently used larger items serve a larger purpose while letting you rework your space.

    • GoodWill

Goodwill uses its furniture and clothing proceeds to provide job training, employment services, language training, and childcare services to people in local communities. The organization accepts and often offers free furniture and bulky item pickup! They’ll even take things like exercise equipment or cars, even if not in good condition.

    • Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity provides safe and affordable access to housing for families in need, as well as building homes for those in need. The organization also runs neighborhood revitalization projects and helps seniors to keep up their existing homes, as well as create shelters for those displaced from natural disasters. Habitat for Humanity offers free scheduled pickup for gently-used furniture.

    • Out of the Closet

This thrift store chain is owned by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and helps to fund and provide AIDS patients with medical, preventative, and educational resources. Profits from clothing and furniture donations go to help the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and run the foundation’s programs, research, and testing efforts for HIV/AIDS.

On top of these individual programs and charities,, you can also find local charities for clothes and furniture donations through databases like PickUpMyDonation.com and GreenDrop, which allow you to look for more community-specific organizations.

When donating clothing or furniture, try to only donate items that will be able to be resold, and that aren’t too worn or run down. If your items are in poor condition, you can always donate them to an organization or clothing drop-off that will effectively recycle them.

Before your decluttering and donation process, you should also take care to have the right moving company on your side for your relocation. See what Morse Moving & Storage can do for you and your household today!

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