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Can You Lower Your Carbon Footprint While Moving?

We’ve all had the thought during a move that maybe there’s a more sustainable approach to take to not only the moving process, but the packing process that goes into it. We’re thinking in terms of buying moving boxes only to use them once and throwing them away afterwards, the amount of non-recyclable packing supplies you might be using, or other approaches to moving that are otherwise not the most environmentally friendly. 

So is there a way to approach a move with the environment in the mind, or to lower your carbon footprint while moving? There are actually plenty of ways to make your move more sustainable – and we’ve got all the tips you’ve been looking for (as well as some you may not have even thought of!). 


Sustainable Packing Supplies

A hugely impactful approach to sustainable packing is to reuse the boxes you get from online orders, or to go around to stores or establishments that might have extra boxes laying around from shipments that would otherwise be thrown away. 

When you’re packing by yourself, it’s important to try to reuse supplies or packing materials in any way you can to reduce your impact on the environment. Avoid using single-use materials, or otherwise not recycling boxes or other packing supplies you’ve acquired or bought. 

When it comes to packing materials like plastic wrap, bubble wrap, packing paper, or other common household packing tools, try to either obtain them secondhand or use natural materials. Using everyday household items like blankets, socks, and towels can make great alternative packing materials that will keep your things safe while not only saving you money, but allowing you to produce less waste or trash from single-use packing supplies. 

If you don’t have household items that can be converted into natural or sustainable packing materials, try to buy materials that are recyclable. This might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of packing material that you would assume is recyclable is often not, unfortunately. Be conscious and mindful when buying bubble wrap, plastic wrap, or packing paper, and make sure you’re using responsibly-sourced and recyclable materials. 


Rent Your Packing Supplies

If you can’t find boxes or reuse somewhere, you can also rent your packing supplies for a more environmentally responsible move. You can also rent plastic totes if that more your speed. Renting your moving supplies is a great way to get great quality moving materials while lessening your impact on the environment. 



Odds are, your environmental impact will be significantly less if you merely have less things to pack. This might seem silly, but decluttering items in order to donate, sell, or give away, is a great way to not only make your move a lot more simple, but also allows you to use less packing materials and lessen your carbon footprint. 

When you’re packing yourself, it can be easy to use sustainable or reusable packing materials that allow you to pack and move your things without being wasteful or harming the environment in some way. Simple things like getting your moving boxes for free from establishments that would otherwise throw them away, or using household items for packing and padding can make a huge difference for the environment, all while also lowering your moving costs. Once you’ve determined what your approach to packing will be, make sure you also know you have the best moving company on your side to make sure your transition is as smooth as possible. Contact Morse Moving & Storage today for your smoothest move possible!

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