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Best Things to Do in Lansing

If you’re looking to move to a vibrant new city in Michigan, Lansing may have caught your eye – and for good reason! Lansing is the beautiful capital city of Michigan with a ton to offer tourists and residents alike. If you’re looking to move to Lansing this year and want to know more about the area, or maybe get familiar with the sights and activities to do before you make the transition, we’ve got all of the best stuff to do in Lansing in 2022. 


Top Attractions in Lansing, MI

The city of Lansing has a lot to offer and is filled with plenty of things to do in the area year-round. Whether you’re looking for things to do for couples or for the whole family, we’ve got some great spots to check out. 


  • Michigan History Center

The Michigan History Center, located in the Michigan Library and Historical Center building, offers residents and visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the history of Michigan. This center includes the Archives of Michigan, as well as the Michigan History Museum, and is the heart of downtown Lansing. 

This history center features 25 galleries of exhibits celebrating the state, as well as special and rotating exhibits as well. A particular highlight for visitors is its three-story-high topographical map of Michigan. 


  • R.E Olds Transportation Museum

The R.E Olds Transportation, also known as the Lansing Car Museum, features a variety of historical vehicles from Oldsmobile and the REO Motor Car Company. Lansing’s rich transportation history is highlighted through attractions like a 1953 NASCAR Race Car and even the Curved Dash Oldsmobile. 

This museum is a great chance to engage the entire family and allow them to learn about and absorb Michigan’s longstanding history with the automotive industry. 


  • Potter Park Zoo

Lansing’s Potter Park Zoo is a 20-acre zoo with over 500 animals. This Zoo celebrates and explores various species and the diversity of their habitats while engaging and creating a fun experience for the entire family. 


  • Michigan State Capitol

The Michigan State Capitol building allows visitors to take a step back into the Victorian era with architect Elijah E. Myers. Built in 1879, this beautiful building is the governmental hub of the entire state of Michigan and also hosts guided tours daily for visitors to Lansing. 


  • Old Town

This area of Lansing is a hotspot for tourists and those wanting to appreciate and take in the rich history of Lansing. This area is home to the Michigan State Capitol building, the Hall of Justice Buildings, the Michigan History Museum, and Downtown Lansing CADL, plus much more! This historic district is also full of cute boutiques, fun galleries, and beautiful Victorian buildings. 

If you’re looking for some beautiful attractions in Lansing to immerse yourself in upon your visit to the city, you’re in luck! This city is rich with history and culture and offers tons of things to do and sites to see for longtime residents and new transplants. 


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