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What Indianapolis Suburbs are Best?

What Indianapolis Suburbs are Best?

Whether you’re already living in Indianapolis or are eyeing the area to raise your new family in, knowing which Indianapolis suburbs are best suited to you and your lifestyle will let you not only find the best Indianapolis suburb for families, but also the best one for your budget and interests.

The suburbs of Indianapolis make a great place to raise your family in a less dense environment while still benefiting from the job prospects or entertainment or activities offered by being near the city. If you’re outgrowing your current place in the city itself or are looking to move close to the action while still maintaining that suburban feel, we’ve got some great suggestions for Indianapolis suburbs to move to.

So what are the best suburbs in Indianapolis, and which are right for you and your family? Let’s explore why people love these areas and what they might offer for your growing family.

Is Indianapolis a Good Place to Live?

If you’re just exploring your options and might not be fully ready to commit to living on the outskirts of Indianapolis yet, you might wonder what the city itself has to offer. This goes for those who might still think a city lifestyle is best suited to them, or for those looking to move into the area from out of state and who are looking to see what living nearby might bring for them.

There’s no doubt that in addition to its popular suburbs, the Indianapolis metro area is a great place to live for families and individuals alike. This city features a low cost of living, a stable housing market and a large inventory of homes, and tons of amazing indoor and outdoor recreational activities for families and individuals.

Indianapolis is a great and affordable place to raise a family, with low housing prices both inside and outside of the city and great value for your money.

Best Indianapolis Suburbs

In addition to the city itself, there are many amazing towns located around Indianapolis to raise a family in. These suburbs of Indianapolis offer buyers and renters alike to have spacious homes without the huge costs typically associated with living in a bustling metro area.

Though there are so many to choose from, the following towns are some of our favorite places located around Indianapolis to move to.


Brownsburg is an eye-catching suburb of Indianapolis for a variety of reasons. With a tight-knit local community and tons of entertainment for those of all tastes, this town has a little something to offer everyone. With access to the Lucas Oil Raceway and tons of green space, you’ll find something everyone will enjoy. Additionally, this area features top-rated schools and a variety of great restaurants and bars.


Though a little more expensive than Brownsburg, Carmel is more than worth it for its residents. As one of the safest areas in the entire country to raise a family in, Carmel is a top-rated suburb of not only Indianapolis but the entire country. It also features tons of kid-friendly activities that will also be fun for the whole family.


This suburb offers the laid-back, kid-friendly suburban atmosphere you’ve been looking for, but with easy access to the city for those looking for an easy commute or who just want in on the action, the city has to offer.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis, Avon is a growing suburb with highly-rated schools and a huge amount of public parks. This town also has many amazing boutiques, shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy.


Fishers is an ideal place to live for many. It has a booming job market that only continues to grow, plus a very low cost of living that many flocks to – and for good reason! This suburb also has very highly rated local schools, which makes it one of the most popular suburbs in the whole country.


Westfield is a smaller city located right near Indianapolis that offers a low crime rate and endless activities to take part in for the whole family. This city features a growing job market and plenty of opportunities, plus great public schools and the largest youth sports complex in the United States. It also has great bars and restaurants and a thriving downtown area that makes it ideal for those of all ages.

No matter which Indianapolis suburb catches your eye, we’re sure you’ll find one that’s ideal for you and your family. Looking for the best movers in Indianapolis to make your move the best it can be? See what Morse Moving & Storage can do for you and your household move today.

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