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5 Tips for a Successful Last Minute Move

If you’ve found yourself having to suddenly pull off a last-minute move, there can be plenty of reasons why you might find yourself in this predicament. 


From sudden job opportunities that require immediate relocations to other neighborhoods, states, or even other countries, job transfers, or just needing a change of scenery and needing it sooner rather than later, having to pull off a last minute move can happen to anyone – but being as prepared as possible in a short period of time is important – especially if you’re looking to pull off a move in less than a month!


Having to suddenly plan and execute a move in a move or less can be extremely stressful and challenging, but jumping into action immediately is key to making your process easier. So where do you start? Explore our 5 step checklist to set yourself up for last minute moving success.

  • Book Your Moving Company

Though it’s customary to try and book out a moving company even three months in advance, you’ll want to book your moving company as soon as possible for your last-minute move – especially during peak season. Getting your moving company booked and ready to go with also take care of a lot of other things on your list, like choosing a move date and even packing if you take advantage of full-service packing options. 


  1. Start Decluttering

After booking your moving company and securing your moving date, start decluttering and organizing your items as well as you can. Determine what you don’t want, need, or use, and organize it into sections dedicated to selling, giving away, throwing out, or donating these items. 

  1. Get Packing Materials

After narrowing down what you’re bringing and what you’re not, you now have an accurate idea of what you’ll need in terms of packing supplies. If you’re not using packing services, try to find free or low cost boxes and other materials through friends, families, local stores with excess boxes, or Facebook Marketplace. 

  1. Organize and Pack Non-Essentials

Now that you have your boxes and other packing materials, take things room by room and start packing your items. Start with decor and non-essentials and gradually make your way around the house until everything is packed. Don’t try to do too much at once – do it day by day!

  1. Notify Post Offices, Banks, & Credit Cards

After you’ve packed up your things, don’t forget logistics aspects of last-minute moves! Schedule your mail to be forwarded and notify your bank and credit cards as to your change of address, and don’t forget to update your billings addresses. 


Now that you’ve figured what you need to do to have a last-minute move that will be as smooth as possible, it’s time to actually start the moving process! Doing your research and preparing is key – just as is booking the right movers for the job! Contact Morse Moving & Storage today for the best in quality of moving options and customer service. 

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