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10 Vital Moving Day Tips

10 Vital Moving Day Tips

Moving day will be here before you know it! If you’re eagerly waiting for the big day to arrive, make the most of your anticipation by being as prepared as possible.

If you’ve been wondering what to plan for or how to avoid any potential problems, here are some top moving day tips to ensure the day is a seamless success.

  • Pace yourself
    • One important piece of moving day advice is to start organizing in advance. Have a timeframe in mind that works with your busy schedule.
    • Plan to tackle one room or area (closet, medicine cabinet, etc.) at a time.
    • Doing so little by little (with enough time to get to each spot in your home) will lessen any stress.


  • Be realistic about your belongings
    • When you’re going through rooms, drawers, and closets, pare your belongings down to what you really want and need to take to your new home.
    • The less you have to move, the less time your move will take, saving you more money.


  • Take, toss, donate, or sell
    • Donating is not only a great way to give back to those in need but also a tax deduction.
    • Additionally, many charitable organizations will even come to pick up your donated goods right from your doorstep. Se
    • selling unwanted items is a great way to score extra cash for your move.


  • Pack smart
    • Don’t throw fragile or valuable items carelessly into a box or container to save time.
    • Take your time to gather the proper packing materials in advance of packing to avoid breaking or damaging your belongings.


  • Let the pros do the important packing
    • Many moving companies offer professional packing services for anything you may want them to handle—fragile, oversized, or otherwise valuable items are a good choice to leave in the hands of the professionals.


  • Have cash to tip your movers
    • When you’re preparing your moving budget, be sure to include a tip for a job well done at the conclusion of your move.
      Tipping the movers not only shows your appreciation but gives an added bonus for executing the move successfully.


  • Keep your must-haves in an overnight bag
    • A wise piece of moving advice is to have your essential items stashed in a bag for quick and easy access.
    • Think of things you’ll need to keep close for your first overnight stay at your new home—wallet, toiletries, change of clothes, medicine, phone charger, etc.


  • Label and color-code
    • In addition to stacking/grouping your boxes together, color-coding will make you even more organized on your moving day.
      Color-coding boxes, containers, and even pieces of furniture will help your movers make your move go faster as well, saving time and money.


  • Get rid of any toxic materials
    • A crucial piece of moving day advice is t
    • Dispose of any chemicals that can’t be transported on a moving truck, like kerosene/gasoline, propane, or paint. These flammable items aren’t allowed to be placed on the truck for safety reasons, so take care of them prior to the big day.


  • Move kids and pets
    • Make plans for small children and/or pets to spend the day (even the night before in some cases) safely away from your moving site. Kid
    • s and pets can slow down the process or even potentially be injured during the shuffle and hustle involved with moving large furniture and equipment.

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