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10 Expert Tips for Making Moving Less Stressful

10 Expert Tips for Making Moving Less Stressful

Moving is an exciting time which presents us with many new opportunities from learning a new town or city, to reinventing yourself. Though it’s thrilling finding a new place to call your home, moving is a stressful endeavor. From packing all the way to the moving date, the lengthy process is no doubt stress-inducing.

Whether you hire movers or just employ the help of friends and family, with the right tips, however, the whole process will be more manageable.

Make a List

A to-do list is extremely helpful in keeping organized, managing all of your move tasks from one place. Moving involves many steps between the packing and the moving date, which can all prove overwhelming. Checking things off the list as you go will help keep the entire moving process in perspective and right on track without a complete sense of loss.

Pack in Order

Focus on one room of your home at a time, preferably in the order of least to most important. Begin with a closet or boxes you haven’t gone through in an effort to organize your belongings. While you’re organizing, you can also see if there is a way to lessen the load you have to move to your new home.

Host a garage sale or take some of your gently used items to a donation site. Call the donation center ahead to make sure they take what you are willing to give before you haul it all the way to the center.

Don’t Wait to Pack

Begin packing as soon as you know you’re about to move, no matter how far away the day may seem. Don’t procrastinate if you’d like to pack carefully and have enough time to look through all of your belongings. Packing is a time-consuming process, from gathering all of your materials to storing your things properly. Store items you don’t use daily in tubs and boxes then set them aside until the moving day.

Labeling Saves the Day

Labeling sounds either silly or tedious, but in the end, it can save a tremendous amount of time. By spending a minute or two extra with any packed box or tub to label it, you may save yourself hours during the loading and the unpacking process. Take the time to write down exactly where each box should go in the new home as well as what’s inside.

Same Size

Purchase materials of the same size, whenever possible, for a smoother move. If most of the boxes getting moved are the same size, the easier it will be to get them into the moving truck, using the space in the truck’s bed more efficiently. In doing so, you’ll cut down on the amount of time you’ll spend loading and unloading the truck or car.

Clean as You Go

Many of us leave the cleaning of our old home to the last minute, which makes it so much more overwhelming. The best policy is to clean each area as it’s packed away into boxes, leaving yourself the final pieces the day of the move or the day after. Leaving deep cleaning as a last-minute task will only allow it to fall by the wayside, which is an easy way to lose a potential deposit if you were renting.

Get Help

Hire moving services to help you with the planning and the move. Various moving companies offer different packages from packing up your home to moving everything and potentially unloading your belongings. Go to as many companies as you can to get a move quote, providing as much information as you can for an accurate price.  Some companies will also offer both moving and storage should you need to hold off on moving in some of your belongings.

Having a moving company in your corner will also make the fight more manageable, with most representatives fully capable of helping you formulate a plan. Any movers near you should provide you with any services you require for a comfortable and stress-free move, after all, they are prepared to move absolutely anything from couches to pianos. Rely on their expertise to get you to your new home safely.


Though you may feel too excited, remember to rest the night before and pack an emergency overnight kit. Pack some essentials into a duffel bag for each family member, which will include basic toiletries and clothing changes. Remember, a first-aid kit should also be kept on hand should someone get hurt while moving your belongings in and out of different areas. Getting enough sleep can only help you in the long run since it will allow your body and mind to function at optimal strength.

Think Ahead

A part of preparation is to keep in mind the various utilities you’ll need to call and set up accounts with. Make sure the power and gas companies are aware of your moving date and set things up a couple of days earlier, so you don’t get to your new home and realize there’s no power. You can also schedule your cable company to arrive even before the date of your move, so you don’t have a break in any of your services.

Lastly, remember to let the post office know of your new address. For some time, usually a year, they will be able to forward your mail on to those who may have forgotten you’ve moved. You can either start the process of forwarding your mail online or by walking into your nearest post office.


Keep breaks in mind as you go through the entire process. From finding a moving company to doing the actual packing, remember to stop and breathe even the day of the move. Taking a moment to collect yourself throughout the process will make everything more manageable, and it could even prove to be fun in the long run.

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